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Tuna-Patty Burgers

Original Recipe:

1 Can Tuna, Drained
1 Egg
About 2 T Bread Crumbs*
Parmesan Cheese
Fresh Black Pepper
Minced Celery, Onion, or Carrot**

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Shape into Patties and pan fry.

* - due to regular bread crumbs containing a TON of additives, I've decided to toast a piece of Ezekiel bread or Pita bread and use that as crumbs.

** - I used 1 Celery stalk in this, but i think green onion would also be really good. Carrot is a bit high in carbs so you might want to avoid it since there is bread in the patties and you'll also be eating bread with it most likely.

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