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Chicken Tikka Bhuna

NOTES: Next time I think I'll cut the cayenne pepper down to 1/2 t and add more fresh peppers. I'd also like to use fresh ginger. I figured I could substitute out but after doing some research I found it simply has a different taste when it's freshly grated. The original recipe calls for 2-3cm, which is about an inch off a finger or a tablespoon of freshly grated. I wasn't able to find any Chili peppers, but I did find some thai hot peppers at a local store called Pacific Rim. I'd love to try it with Chili Peppers if i can find some fresh ones. The original recipe also called for 3 or 4 small onions, but I didn't have any on hand when I made it. Definitely want it for next time.

2lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, Cut Into Bite Sized Pieces
1 t Garam Masla
1 t Cumin
1 t Cinnamon
1 t Cayenne Pepper (See Note)
2 t Paprika
1/8 t Ground Ginger (See Note)
1 t Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Juice of 1 Small Lemon, Fresh Only, Pulp OK
Juice of 1 Small Lime, Fresh Only, Pulp OK
Pinch of Salt
7 T Plain Non Fat/Low Fat Yogurt

Garlic Bhuna
2 T Butter
3 Large Cloves Garlic, Crushed, Peeled, and Minced
5 Thai Hot Peppers (See Note)
1 t Garam Masala
1 t Ground Coriander
1 t Cumin
1 Large Onion (See Note)

Combine all the marinade ingredients in a large covered container. Let sit a minimum of 3 hours, preferably over night.

Saute garlic and peppers in butter until softened and garlic just starts to show some color. Add the remaining seasonings, mix well and let cook a couple minutes. Add onion and chicken marinade. Mix well. 

Cover and let cook until the chicken is done and no longer pink. I wasn't sure if this dish was supposed to be "runny" or not, so I cranked the heat up and boiled all the liquid off. I've found after doing some research that some liquid is supposed to be there, probably to serve with the rice.

Serve with hot cooked rice.

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