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Baked Ham


For ever 2lbs of COOKED ham:
1/4 C Light Brown Sugar
1 T Mustard

So, this means, a 4lb ham would use 1/2 C Light Brown Sugar and 2 T Mustard.
An 8lb ham would use 1 C Light Brown Sugar and 1/4 C Mustard, and so on.

Preheat oven to 450F Mix light brown sugar and mustard in a bowl. Place ham on foil, or in a foil pan suitable for it's size. Cover with more foil to keep it moist in the oven. I usually spray the foil, and foil pan with pam spray to keep the sugary bits from burning or sticking. A 2LB ham only takes about 30minutes to warm through. Adjust as needed.

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